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Purpose of this forum
The purpose of this forum is very limited; the explanation and exploration of the model presented in the document, Systems of Manifestation. 

That model is not the truth or even a model of the truth.   It is just a model, and it is inside out, upside down and backward.  It is so wrong that it just might be right.  (That is, it might be useful for a time)

The model proposes that manifestation emerges through structurally coupled self-relevant systems.

Basically, the only way to explore the model is to imagine, conditionally, that it is valid. Then ask, what are its consequences, is it self-consist, etc.  

I have absolutely no interest in convincing anyone to accept this model. 

No post will ever be deleted from the unmoderated forum (except spam).  Some posts that further the examination of the model will be copied untouched to the moderated forum, sometimes as the opening post of a new thread.  

Everything in the moderated forum will be duplicated in the unmoderated forum, so that it is available for comment.

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